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This is a generously sized headdress featuring abundant organza frills.

Size (Measured while holding down the frills): Width - Approximately 53cm Height - Approximately 24cm Side Ribbon Length - Approximately 50cm to 55cm

On the sides, there are detachable long ribbons adorned with pearls and fringes at the ends. The ribbons themselves have a cute design and can be worn separately. The main part of the headdress is crafted using chemical lace with rose motifs. It comes with an easy-to-attach and detach clip on the back.

Additionally, when worn like a stole, it can transform into an elegant and cute collar-like accessory.

Please note that the organza frills may have wrinkles (we try to remove them as much as possible). If you notice wrinkles, you can gently spray with water using a mist bottle and stretch them out by hand, allowing them to dry. Do not directly iron the organza, as it may melt.


Ships within about 10 days.


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